my life?

So…I was thinking.

Today, during the service, there was an invitation to go and serve on an international missions team to mexico.  I signed up to receive e-mail updates and notifications, so there is a possibility I may be going.   I really really want to go, so hopefully I will be able to.

But all of this got me thinking…about my future plans for life.

I mean, really, what right have I to plan what I want to do, to benefit only me, to only enhance and enrich my own life?  What will I be doing, really, that will help others?  My major right now is journalism (print), and quite honestly, the “big things” I could do with that are work for a major newspaper, a tv station, or magazine.  I mean really, how much is this going to benefit others’ lives except for reading what I wrote?  I understand that journalism is an important part of daily life, especially in this developed country that we are living in now.  But what if I want to do something more…something that will not only help me and help all the other people that are already doing fine and well.  What if I want to help others who have no, say, medical attention, or children who have no teachers so they cant succeed in life.  What if I wanted to go into missions, and not just any missions, but say, medical missions.  My minor is biology because I am planning on taking some pre-med courses; if I became a doctor, I could really do so much more with my life than just sit and write about the stock market, or what community events are going on in the Phoenix area.  I could help children with AIDS, I could help to vaccinate poor towns with the flu vaccine, etc.  I could do so much more than just for myself, I could really help others.  I think that God has pressed this upon my heart, because lately all I have been thinking about is me, me, me.  What job I am going to get, what man I will marry, what graduate university I will attend, etc.  It’s about time I take all of these thigns and put them to use for Him, and not myself, because only through God can my purpose really be fulfilled.  All of these wonderful things and technology that we have today, we really do take for granted.  We’ve become so self centered, so focused on only what is good for ourselves, and not what’s good for others who are suffering in other places out of the public eye.  I really don’t want to just have another mediocre life, where I go to work Monday through Friday, have a 9-5 job, come home and then cook dinner for my husband.  I mean, that would be nice and all, but that’s what everyone has.  Don’t get me wrong, maybe that’s what God has in store for me, a nice life with a nice family and a nice house, etc.  But maybe that’s not God’s plan for me, who am I to control what happens– I have no control over anything, God does.  I live in Ahwatukee, for crying out loud– there are no worries in sight, no problems, no anything.  Even going to McClintock, which is not as “rich” a school as Desert Vista, it was still FAR more well off than schools in, say, Mexico, or Africa.  I really need to change my perspective and start thinking about what use God wants to put my abilities to use for, not so that I can just have the “American dream” lifestyle. 

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so i havent written here in a long while

tonight was mini golf and it was a lot of fun!! and we found out something girls are better at than guys.  and also something scary happened, but i’m not going to say what–but we were lucky.  and my brother and sister are freaking awesome because they have cool “silly faces.”  yep. 

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Oh Build-A-Bear

The entire Build-a-Bear concept continues to amaze me.  How anyone could have conceived the idea of letting little kids watch their furry friends be stuffed and sewed, and then charge their poor parents twice as much as the stuffed animal is worth is just beyond me.

            Here is the process: a kid is tempted into a Build-a-Bear shop by one of the many smiling, waving employees clutching a finished product.  The child is then asked to pick out which cute and cuddly animal he/she would like to create.  The possibilities are endless; the child could potentially create anything from a stuffed frog, to a little Dalmatian, to a panda bear. 

            Next, the child takes the furry, hollowed-out shell of their future friend to one of the smiling staff.  This staff member will then stick a vacuum nozzle into the limp animal shell and then proceed to pump stuffing into it via a foot pump, similar to that of a bicycle or ball pump.  The stuffing pump overall looks like a cotton candy or popcorn machine crossed with a very large vacuum cleaner.   The employee will have the gawking child stick a little heart into the animal before it is sewed up and knotted by some pre-inserted thread in its back.

            The child then takes the newly stuffed animal to “shower? and “brush.?  There is actually a miniature rubber bathtub and fake shower head, I do not kid.  This step usually takes the longest…

            And then comes the naming part.  There is a gigantic book of cliché pet names such as “Fluffy? and “Snowy,? or for the more creative ones, names such as “Roddy? are available.  And then there’re the ones who go out of the box and create a completely ridiculous name that contains no merits whatsoever.  The child then proceeds to type the name of their newly identified friend onto a “Bear Birth Certificate,? along with the owner’s name and address.  Luckily, they do not require a social security number or mother’s maiden name.

            The child will then proceed to the “clothing area,? where he/she can pick out a pretty ballerina costume or a super-cool soccer player outfit.  This is one of the most crucial steps…this is the determining of their stuffed friend’s identity!  It also tells the social status of the animal…no one wants to hang out with a poor, low-class animal whose owner cannot even afford to dress it!

            And then the scary part.  The unfortunate mom or dad is forced to dish out the plastic for something worth about ten dollars.  In their minds, they are just telling themselves that they bought their child a half hour of pure joy and indulgence, as well as a cute keepsake to take home.  In reality, they just wasted about 30 bucks on short-lived fun and excitement.

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so i am sitting here in the MU with lisa, we are drinking jamba juice.  she is drinking a berry lime sublime, and i am drinking a mango a go go.  yum yum.  it is 10:24am, and we have to leave in abotu five-ten minutes to go to our history class.  FUN STUFF!!!!!!!!  there are a lot of people around andthey are pretty loud.  we saw a girl who looked like carmen, but it wasnt her.  and there is also a cop sitting near us.  maybe he will arrest someone.  probably not.  i drove to school today and i did a relatively good job.  i hope my dad doesnt trade in the audi.  my bag is really bothering me, it looks big on the outside, but it relaly cant hold much, so everything has to be placed juuuuust right inside or else nothing fits. 😦

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Natalie’s party!

Natalie’s party was freakin awesome yesterday.  Check my photobucket for pictures.

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Albinoni-Giazotto, Chopin, and Taco Bell

This morning Natalie and I made a beeline for the Starbucks for some coffee (obviously).  But when the time came to pay for my pumpkin spice latte, I find out that the gift  card machine is BROKEN…leaving me paying with cash…of which I was in short supply of.  Oh well, at least the latte was good. 🙂

In APA200, we got another substitute…found out that our teacher isnt even available right now because she is accepting some grant.  Therefore, we had some womens studies professor come in and give us back our midterms, and then conduct a discussion on the murder of Vincent Chin.  I got an 86 on my midterm!!!  For not knowing ANY of the dates, that is not bad at all!  I am hoping to raise my grade to an A by the end of the semester though. The entire class was relieved to finally receive the midterms back, because, oh, we’ve only been waiting for the past TWO WEEKS.  ….X(

Human event was next, got my essay back.  87 was the grade, the average was an 83.3.  Eh, a B paper, but then again,  I didn’t read the instructions before hand and wrote a 1,110 word essay when she required a 1400-1800 word paper.  Tehehe… I think I got lucky (?).

Then on to ENG105, where I received yet ANOTHER paper back.  A paper baby!  On the incredibly shallow subject of “couch potato-ism.”  Not too shabby…

Then lunch w/ Jimmy, saw Nick and Ever on the way to Taco Bell.  After lunch, I headed over to the music library again to find that darn prelude.  Finally found it, only to realize that the book I had chosen was really really old so technically it was supposed to be “uncirculated,” but the librarian was nice and let me check it out for a week.  So, now I can play that song that the girl plays in The Notebook!  Sweet.

Okay, it’s almost 5pm, and we all know what that means…

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exploration of the music library

In MCO110 today there was a guest speaker from Harkin’s theatres.  She is the manager of sales (i THINK), and she gave her little lecture on how marketing and communications go hand in hand.  Which they do.  But her speech made me realize how much I really do not want to go into marketing.  Which is why my major is J/MC and my minor (when I finally declare it on Nov 7) is going to be biology.  Wow…Amanda is going to be a doctor?  Who knows.

Went to World Religions with Lisa today, and saw Jen and DeAnna there.  Made fun of the professor a LOT.  Last time I visited class with Lisa, i kept count of how many times he could say “um” in a 20 minute time period.  He said it 208 times.  Yeah…

Had lunch at the pasta place 😛  MY LABRETTI WAS COLD!! What is this business?? 😉 Natalie’s salad got Windex-ed by this absent minded janitor guy.  Ewww. 

After lunch, Natalie and I explored the Music Library.  Oh.  my.  word.  The music library is simply amazing…there are two stories, the second story is completely FILLED with scores…  I tried to find a score book of Chopin Preludes, but alas, I couldn’t find it…the place was so big!!!  All I could find was a book of Valses.  I will probably go back on Friday during my break to look again for the book of Preludes.

So here I am, at home, trying desperately to finish this stupid English essay on reality television for tomorrow.  I hate procrastinating and doing things last minute.  But really ,it was my English teacher’s fault; sure he had the assignment up online for awhile, but he didn’t slap that due date on there until YESTERDAY…so yesterday I was scrambling to find all my “five print sources” in the Hayden Library so I could do my annotated bibliography which is due today. Ends up all the books I needed were in some secluded corner on the 3rd floor in the “PN 1990” section…who would have known!? 

I really shouldn’t even be writing this thing, it’s taking away valuable essay-writing time!!! Aahhh…

Hotel Rwanda viewing tonight, Lisa and I are going to go and get a nice 30 points for extra credit.  Maybe our history friends will be there?!?!

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life is sweet

woke upthis morning…to my red graduation gown hanging on my door, and it scared the crap out of me.  See, i watched “the village” last night with natalie and lisa,  and lets just say i’m scared of big red cloaked hunchback figures now.  but anyway, i woke up, went to church, found out that alyssa quit..meaning that now i’m the only floutist.  had a 45 minute break between services b/c pastor brian is starting to shorten his sermon lengths now, and then went to second service.  had noodles for lunch, then went out for a bit, and then came back home to watch some tv.  lisa and i went to orch at 3, practiced a ton, then nick came to get me and jon to fix jon’s hair because his bangs are messed up.  but unfortunately, when we got to great clips, the wait was an hour, so no fixing jon’s hair today 😦  met up with natalie and mark at auslers, and then lisa joined after from her sax quartet.  then off to college group, yay fun.  kind of.  not really.  ehhh.  more like gawking at the gigantic earwig crawling all over mike and into tasha’s purse.  but thats okay.  came home, to a wonderful email. 🙂  i love emails.  just fyi. 

 sooooo natalie, tomorrow i guess we’re going to the pasta place?  😛

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good day today :)

Today was an awesome day!  Hung out with Y-Vi during my break between mass comm and history, and Lisa and Natalie joined afterwards too.  Got a chocolate cookie and a frappuchino from starbucks, definitely was on a chocolate high for the rest of the day. : )  history was pretty sweet too, there was a pop quiz that i didnt study for, but i ended up only missing one : )  then we got let out of class 15 minutes early,  so natalie lisa and i headed to einsteins to sit and wait for the guys to come.  and while we were there, this guy mike definitely recognized me and it was great…:D  hehe, and then mark and nick showed up, and then the fun was ruined.  just kidding.  then natalie and i stayed and watched dredg perform right in front of the MU, they were alright i guess.  we will be seeing  them tonight at the concert with mewithoutYou and coheed and cambria.  tonight’s also our BURN PARTY with lisa, where some major burn-age will occur.  it will be great.  >: )

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