life is sweet

woke upthis morning…to my red graduation gown hanging on my door, and it scared the crap out of me.  See, i watched “the village” last night with natalie and lisa,  and lets just say i’m scared of big red cloaked hunchback figures now.  but anyway, i woke up, went to church, found out that alyssa quit..meaning that now i’m the only floutist.  had a 45 minute break between services b/c pastor brian is starting to shorten his sermon lengths now, and then went to second service.  had noodles for lunch, then went out for a bit, and then came back home to watch some tv.  lisa and i went to orch at 3, practiced a ton, then nick came to get me and jon to fix jon’s hair because his bangs are messed up.  but unfortunately, when we got to great clips, the wait was an hour, so no fixing jon’s hair today 😦  met up with natalie and mark at auslers, and then lisa joined after from her sax quartet.  then off to college group, yay fun.  kind of.  not really.  ehhh.  more like gawking at the gigantic earwig crawling all over mike and into tasha’s purse.  but thats okay.  came home, to a wonderful email. 🙂  i love emails.  just fyi. 

 sooooo natalie, tomorrow i guess we’re going to the pasta place?  😛



  1. Natalie said

    YES! we are going to the pasta place tomorrow!!!! 🙂

  2. girlpower766 said


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