exploration of the music library

In MCO110 today there was a guest speaker from Harkin’s theatres.  She is the manager of sales (i THINK), and she gave her little lecture on how marketing and communications go hand in hand.  Which they do.  But her speech made me realize how much I really do not want to go into marketing.  Which is why my major is J/MC and my minor (when I finally declare it on Nov 7) is going to be biology.  Wow…Amanda is going to be a doctor?  Who knows.

Went to World Religions with Lisa today, and saw Jen and DeAnna there.  Made fun of the professor a LOT.  Last time I visited class with Lisa, i kept count of how many times he could say “um” in a 20 minute time period.  He said it 208 times.  Yeah…

Had lunch at the pasta place 😛  MY LABRETTI WAS COLD!! What is this business?? 😉 Natalie’s salad got Windex-ed by this absent minded janitor guy.  Ewww. 

After lunch, Natalie and I explored the Music Library.  Oh.  my.  word.  The music library is simply amazing…there are two stories, the second story is completely FILLED with scores…  I tried to find a score book of Chopin Preludes, but alas, I couldn’t find it…the place was so big!!!  All I could find was a book of Valses.  I will probably go back on Friday during my break to look again for the book of Preludes.

So here I am, at home, trying desperately to finish this stupid English essay on reality television for tomorrow.  I hate procrastinating and doing things last minute.  But really ,it was my English teacher’s fault; sure he had the assignment up online for awhile, but he didn’t slap that due date on there until YESTERDAY…so yesterday I was scrambling to find all my “five print sources” in the Hayden Library so I could do my annotated bibliography which is due today. Ends up all the books I needed were in some secluded corner on the 3rd floor in the “PN 1990” section…who would have known!? 

I really shouldn’t even be writing this thing, it’s taking away valuable essay-writing time!!! Aahhh…

Hotel Rwanda viewing tonight, Lisa and I are going to go and get a nice 30 points for extra credit.  Maybe our history friends will be there?!?!


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