so i am sitting here in the MU with lisa, we are drinking jamba juice.  she is drinking a berry lime sublime, and i am drinking a mango a go go.  yum yum.  it is 10:24am, and we have to leave in abotu five-ten minutes to go to our history class.  FUN STUFF!!!!!!!!  there are a lot of people around andthey are pretty loud.  we saw a girl who looked like carmen, but it wasnt her.  and there is also a cop sitting near us.  maybe he will arrest someone.  probably not.  i drove to school today and i did a relatively good job.  i hope my dad doesnt trade in the audi.  my bag is really bothering me, it looks big on the outside, but it relaly cant hold much, so everything has to be placed juuuuust right inside or else nothing fits. 😦



  1. Van Gogh Não Me Dá Ouvidos said

    Blz balalallaa

  2. Van Gogh Não Me Dá Ouvidos said


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