Albinoni-Giazotto, Chopin, and Taco Bell

This morning Natalie and I made a beeline for the Starbucks for some coffee (obviously).  But when the time came to pay for my pumpkin spice latte, I find out that the gift  card machine is BROKEN…leaving me paying with cash…of which I was in short supply of.  Oh well, at least the latte was good. 🙂

In APA200, we got another substitute…found out that our teacher isnt even available right now because she is accepting some grant.  Therefore, we had some womens studies professor come in and give us back our midterms, and then conduct a discussion on the murder of Vincent Chin.  I got an 86 on my midterm!!!  For not knowing ANY of the dates, that is not bad at all!  I am hoping to raise my grade to an A by the end of the semester though. The entire class was relieved to finally receive the midterms back, because, oh, we’ve only been waiting for the past TWO WEEKS.  ….X(

Human event was next, got my essay back.  87 was the grade, the average was an 83.3.  Eh, a B paper, but then again,  I didn’t read the instructions before hand and wrote a 1,110 word essay when she required a 1400-1800 word paper.  Tehehe… I think I got lucky (?).

Then on to ENG105, where I received yet ANOTHER paper back.  A paper baby!  On the incredibly shallow subject of “couch potato-ism.”  Not too shabby…

Then lunch w/ Jimmy, saw Nick and Ever on the way to Taco Bell.  After lunch, I headed over to the music library again to find that darn prelude.  Finally found it, only to realize that the book I had chosen was really really old so technically it was supposed to be “uncirculated,” but the librarian was nice and let me check it out for a week.  So, now I can play that song that the girl plays in The Notebook!  Sweet.

Okay, it’s almost 5pm, and we all know what that means…



  1. Natalie said

    The song in the notebook!!!!!! I wanna learn….,,,,,you have a copying machine?

  2. lizzy said

    you have an online journal thing!! and I didn’t know about it!!! pumpkin spice latte, that sounds good and I think Mrs. Zinke mentioned it being one of her favorites! my goodness college life sounds so fun…lol.

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