good day today :)

Today was an awesome day!  Hung out with Y-Vi during my break between mass comm and history, and Lisa and Natalie joined afterwards too.  Got a chocolate cookie and a frappuchino from starbucks, definitely was on a chocolate high for the rest of the day. : )  history was pretty sweet too, there was a pop quiz that i didnt study for, but i ended up only missing one : )  then we got let out of class 15 minutes early,  so natalie lisa and i headed to einsteins to sit and wait for the guys to come.  and while we were there, this guy mike definitely recognized me and it was great…:D  hehe, and then mark and nick showed up, and then the fun was ruined.  just kidding.  then natalie and i stayed and watched dredg perform right in front of the MU, they were alright i guess.  we will be seeing  them tonight at the concert with mewithoutYou and coheed and cambria.  tonight’s also our BURN PARTY with lisa, where some major burn-age will occur.  it will be great.  >: )


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  1. Natalie said

    wow, i couldn’t have asked for a better friday

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