Honors dorms?!…and other stuff

Okay, so I may be moving into the honors dorms next semester!!  If I do, I have these picked out, in order of the ones I want the most to the ones I want the least: Hayden East, Hayden West, Best (any), Irish.  I have seen the Irish dorms, and let’s just say…they aren’t very new looking 😛  I really want the Hayden East dorms though, because Carmen’s the RA, plus they’re the newest ones, and they’re pretty nice (and big) compared to the others I’ve seen.

 Well today I tried Indian food at “Cafe Biblioteca” (what a lame name), it was decent.  Not gourmet or anything, but not too shabby for campus food. 

Oh, and the 05 grads from church may be getting a cabin this winter in the Snowbowl area, or possibly in Pinetop!  I’m so excited!  But then there’s the issue of whether to ski or just to go up and see snow.  If we ski, there’s always the possibility of someone crashing into a rock and cracking their skull open, which would be no good.  But then again, we can all just be very cautious and try not to crash into anything.  But then again, that’s not really something one can help, is it. 

History today was completely ridiculous.  Even though I could’ve sworn the chapter was due Wed., my teacher started asking all these pointless questions about Ch. 24…and then she made all the people who read the chapter raise their hands.  Only about 5 people raised their hands, including Zack and the Indian guy who said “take one for the team!”.  They got to leave class and I THINK they got an automatic A on their midterm, while the rest of us had to stay and read the chapter in groups.  And then, after wasting about half an hour , she let us leave.  Completely ridiculous.

Tomorrow I find out what I got on my Asian studies final…I know i completely bombed the matching, but I’m usually pretty good at bs-ing essays, even when I know nothing about the topic. 


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  1. brady said

    oh my your history teacher is insane

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